Get EDDM for Your Business


EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a strategy businesses use to send direct mail to their customer’s mailboxes in certain locations. While every door direct mail is not for every business, there are many businesses that use this every door direct mail system. If you serve customers that are in your local area, every door direct mail will work for your business. This strategy is to make your business known to more and more people at your local area. If you have a local pizza shop, tax services, diner or deli, use every door direct mail to capture the hearts of potential customers. Let us look more into the benefits of every door direct mail for big or small businesses that want to grow more.

The first benefit of EDDM Postcards is that you can advertise new things to your potential customers. For example, you have a pizza shop and you just made a new dish and want to announce this new dish but you do not have time for a marketing strategy or to come up with a campaign group. You can just send mail to your potential customers mailbox to let them know that you have a new dish for them that you would like them to taste. You now let people at your local area know about this new dish without any hassle and without spending so much.

Another benefit for using every door direct mail or USPS EDDM is that you do not need a mailing list or a permit. If you are a business, you will want to make everyone know about your business. An address list is not required when you opt for the every door direct mail service so you can now send mail directly to each and every individual in your town for a very little cost. There are also no postal permits that you have to worry about which can save you a lot on yearly charges.

You can send mail with a lot of beautiful graphics to get many people’s attention. You can also have your promo codes printed in the mail so more and more people would want to avail of it and come to you to purchase your goods. What business is there that does not want to have a lot of customers flocking to them? I do not think there is any.


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